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“Spiritual food through musical mood”

Professor René Gothóni began taking private piano lessons when he was nine and studied piano playing at Pori Music College (Porin musiikkiopisto) 1961-1967. He learned to play guitar by himself and wrote songs, which he recorded in the late sixties. In 2010, he transformed them to a CD with the title René Gothóni Nostalgic 1966-1971 to celebrate his sixtieth birthday.

Encouraged by the good response he decided to empty his desk drawer from songs in Swedish and English he had written between the years 1972-2011. Inspired by the support, he also wrote new songs, resulted in the following CDs, some of which are on Spotify!).

René Gothóni Nostalgic 1966-1971 (2010 • album out of stock).

Glimtarna är livet (2011 • album available), includes 19 troubadour-like songs in Swedish about what it means to be human in this world of joy, sorrow, trials and hopes.

How Are You Today? (2013 • album available), includes 20 songs in English.

Nu är jag fri (2017 • album on Spotify; available), includes 13 song in Swedish.

Lullabies (2018 • single on Spotify; not available), includes 3 lullabies in English dedicated to Prince George of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, and Prince Louis of Cambridge.

Trubaduren (2019 • album on Spotify; available), includes 16 songs; one love song in French, three songs in English and 12 songs in Swedish.

The World is an Open Book (2020 • single; available), is a lullaby dedicated to Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

All available CDs can be purchased for €20 by order from or, and received signed by René Gothóni


• “Buddhism in Sinhalese Culture” (Buddhalaisuus singalilaisessa kulttuurissa was shown by the Finnish MTV on 3 September 1977 and Yleisradio TV 1 on 18 September 1979).

• “Buddhism Today” (Buddhalaisuus tänään; Kirjapaja 1985).

• “At the Gate of Paradise. Six letters from the Balkan and Mount Athos” (Paratiisin portilla. Kuusi kirjettä Balkanilta ja Athosvuorelta (Helsinki: Kirjapaja 1996, 40 min.).

• Mikaela Weurlander made a documentary of Gothóni’s field studies on the Holy Mountain of Athos in Swedish entitled Till Athos med René Gothóni, shown by FST5 four times in 2011.

Treasures in the Waste. A short film (with Juha Vilja; 15 min.). Helsinki 2020. Not available.

Music videos

• My Own City …linkki tähän

• Release party; My Own City linkki tähän

• Release party; Trubaduren linkki tähän